Delta Airlines surprises young girl named Delta who had been upset about her name

Girl called Delta and Delta Airlines plane.
Photo credit: Kellie Gerardi/Getty Images

Beer brand Corona suffered due to the COVID-19 pandemic, now the same thing is happening to Delta Airlines, due to the new variant of the same name that's sweeping the world and taking thousands of lives.

Delta as an airline might not suffer much damage due to the name, but the same perhaps can't be said for young children with the same name.

Children like Delta Gerardi, whose mother Kellie recently spoke out on Twitter about the challenges her daughter faced having the same name as the COVID-19 variant.

Delta Airlines surprises young girl named Delta who had been upset about her name

The influencer's tweet was seen by the right people and a representative of Delta Airlines got in touch with the mother and child.

"We saw your tweet and just wanted to let you know that we think your daughter's name is amazing," the Delta spokesperson said.

Baby Delta with Delta toys.
Photo credit: Kellie Gerardi/Getty Images

"It's the name for people who were meant to fly. We sent you a few things with our favourite name, so she can know how special she is. Wear it loud and #DeltaProud!

The airline stuck to their word and Delta's mother Kellie updated the Twitterverse with the recent developments.

"Last week I tweeted about how it was a particularly challenging time for my daughter to be named Delta," she tweeted.

"Today she got the most amazing care package from Delta Airlines and is over the moon about such a cool collection of things celebrating 'her' name! Thank you Delta!"

The young girl was sent some Delta biscuits, a backpack and a model Delta aircraft.

The exchange has received more than 1000 likes on Twitter so far.