New Zealand Olympic team and their medals take off from Tokyo

A very special Air New Zealand flight took off from Tokyo Narita Airport just after 9:30pm NZ time tonight bound for Christchurch. 

Onboard was a planeload of Olympians and their medals.

Processing the team through airport security may have taken longer than usual due to the 20 medals being carried on the plane by the winning Kiwi athletes.

The seven gold, six silver and seven bronze medals are being carried back to Aotearoa onboard a Boeing 787-9 aircraft with the registration ZK-NZM. 

Perhaps the M stands for medals? Or maybe NZM is a sign of things to come for Lisa Carrington.

The flight, which can be tracked online, will spend most of its journey over water until it crosses the Solomon Islands and then New Caledonia, before finally landing in Christchurch at 8:40am on Tuesday morning.

Track the Olympic flight here.