Pilot records video of terrifying rough landing in Bhutan delivering COVID-19 vaccines

If you're a nervous flyer and planning to hop in a plane sometime soon, approach this video with caution - it was filmed from inside the cockpit of a Boeing 737-300 as it came in to land at Paro Airport in Bhutan.

The Intra Asia Airlines freighter had come from Kolkata and was carrying Moderna vaccines which had been donated through the COVAX programme.

In the video, constant cockpit warnings can be heard, including "bank angle" and "sink rate! Pull up!".

Thos can be terrifying messages to hear. The sink rate alert is made by the aircraft's ground proximity warning system, telling pilots there is an immediate danger of the aircraft hitting the ground. The bank angle message warns the aircraft is leaning too far to one side and needs to be leveled out.

While this video appears to have been taken from the cockpit jumpseat, the first officer can be seen with one hand on the controls and the other holding a mobile phone, also filming the incident.

Paro Airport is located in a relatively mountainous location and use of the runway is restricted to daylight hours due to the terrain that surrounds it.

The video was filmed on July 12, but was only posted online on Wednesday.