Airbus develops 'extra-performing wing' which changes shape while flying

The company believes it will help reduce CO2 emissions.
The company believes it will help reduce CO2 emissions. Photo credit: Airbus/Getty Images

Airbus has launched what it calls an "extra-performing wing" project focused on accelerating technologies that will improve and optimise wing aerodynamics and performance for any of its future planes. 

The manufacturer has designed a scaled demonstrator to be trialled on a Cessna Citation business jet.

The extra-performing wing is designed to help reduce CO2 emissions, contributing to Airbus' decarbonisation plans.

Airbus says, similar to how an eagle soars, adapting the shape, span and surface of its wings and feathers, this demonstrator wing allows for increased flight efficiency.

Various technologies will be investigated to enable the active control of the wing, including gust sensors and pop-up spoilers.

The demonstrator is part of Airbus UpNext, an Airbus subsidiary created to develop future technologies.