New Route 66 neon mural lights up Uranus in US

New Route 66 neon mural lights up Uranus in US
Photo credit: Uranus Marketing

The mayor of a US town named Uranus has unveiled a new neon mural wall celebrating its location on Route 66.

Located in Missouri, the unincorporated town has a population of 25. 

The neon light installation measures 6m high and 16m wide.

It features icons from towns also located on Route 66 including the Blue Swallow Motel in New Mexico, Cadillac Ranch in Texas and the Blue Whale of Catoosa in Oklahoma.

The centrepiece of the massive mural is Uranus' iconic rocket ship. 

"There is no more noble art than that of making people happy," Uranus Mayor Louie Keen, said.

"And that is what Uranus is about, making people laugh." 

After the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Tiffany Baker quipped: "The best neon is in Uranus!" 

The neon will be lit 24 hours per day, year-round, for all of those travelling the iconic route. It is hoped the art installation will entice more tourists and travellers to include Pulaski County into their overnight travel plans. 

Other popular attractions in the town include the Fudge Factory and the General Store, but Mayor Baker said there's more work to be done and the town will "continue expanding Uranus".