Live TV cameras capture dramatic lightning strike as flight lands in Adelaide

Television cameras at The Ashes cricket match between England and Australia have captured the moment an aircraft with hundreds of people onboard flew in front of a bright lightning strike during a massive storm in Adelaide.

The cricket was called off late on Friday night due to the storm, but that wasn’t before an estimated 102,000 lightning strikes lit up the skies around the stadium.

While there was likely some distance between the aircraft and the lightning strike, it still managed to grab the attention of viewers of the cricket at home and in the commentary box.

Despite claims to the contrary from Fleetwood Mac, thunder doesn’t actually only happen when it’s raining. In this case only two millimetres of rain was recorded in all of South Australia.

The lightning strikes caused dozens of small bush and scrub fires across Adelaide which had temperatures in the high 30s well into the evening.

While this aircraft lightning strike was a visual illusion, aircraft are designed to make it through a lightning strike mostly unaffected.