Royal Australian Air Force F-35A Lightning II performs special show above Sydney Harbour for Australia Day

The jet is worth US$78 million.
The jet is worth US$78 million. Photo credit: RAAF/Getty Images

The Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) put on a special display over Sydney Harbour on Wednesday to celebrate Australia Day.


An F-35A Lightning II pulled off some impressive moves, at times from a very low altitude.

The Army also fired a 21-gun salute from HMAS Parramatta at Sydney Cove.

A Seahawk helicopter also flew around Sydney's beaches with a large Australian flag hanging underneath.

The 12 minute show gave members of the public a glimpse of what the US$78 million aircraft was capable of.

At altitude the F-35A Lightning II can get to Mach 1.6 (1976km/h) and it can fly as high as 50,000 feet (15km).

Australia has committed to ordering 72 F-35A aircraft after the first was accepted into the country's service in 2018.

All 72 aircraft are expected to be fully operational by 2023.