Uber now lets you see how many 1-star ratings drivers have given you

Uber's new Privacy Center allows you to see exactly how many 1-star ratings you have.
What did you do to deserve those 1-star ratings? Photo credit: Getty Images / Newshub.

Uber has rolled out a new feature that will shed some light on your mysterious passenger rating, revealing why you're not a perfect, 5-star customer.

If you've ever worried about your in-car behaviour on a boozed up late night ride home, however, the new feature won't tell you exactly when you received a 1-star rider rating - but it will tell you exactly how many you have.

Uber is a ride-sharing service available in New Zealand alongside alternatives like Zoomy, Ola and Didi. After a service is completed, the rider is asked to rate the driver and vice-versa, which contributes to a rating used to inform other users.

"Starting today, all Uber users can access a breakdown of their average rating in the Uber app's new Privacy Center. You'll see how many drivers gave you a stellar 5-star rating, how many handed out the dreaded single star, and everything in between," the company announced in a blog post.

How to find your Uber rider rating:

  1. Access the settings menu in the app, tap privacy and then Privacy Center
  2. In the Privacy Center, swipe to the right and click on 'would you like to see a summary of how you use Uber'
  3. Scroll down to the 'browse your data' section and tap on 'View my ratings' to see the breakdown.

The new feature is part of a push by Uber to improve customer privacy, giving users greater insight into what information is held about them. As well as viewing your ratings, you can also review all your past trip information, payment details, marketing preferences and more in the new Privacy Center.

Uber says nobody has a 5-star rating, so don't worry if you're staring down something like a 4.8.

But you may be baffled about why you got low ratings from drivers, especially if you pride yourself on being polite and courteous.

Uber got its drivers to help formulate a list of ways to help you get more 5-star ratings.

Top tips for improving your Uber rider rating:

  • Be ready
    Uber drivers prefer you to be ready to go when they arrive at the pick-up location, and when the location you've input is actually where you are.
  • Don't slam the door!
    It is easy to accidentally slam a door if you aren't thinking about it and drivers have consistently cited door slams as a reason why they deduct stars. 
  • Leave it as you found it
    The car you're riding in may be the driver's personal vehicle, so always make sure to take your rubbish and any other belongings with you. 
  • Treat everyone and everything with respect
    Uber's Community Guidelines state the company want riders and driver partners to feel safe, respectful and positive. Treating your driver and their vehicle as you would want to be treated will ensure a good rider rating.