Air New Zealand appoints Kiri Hannifin as Chief Sustainability Officer

  • 07/06/2022
Air New Zealand appoints Kiri Hannifin in new role of Chief Sustainability Officer.
Kiri Hannifin. Photo credit: supplied/Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand has announced Kiri Hannifin's appointment in the company's newly created role of Chief Sustainability Officer.

The airline described the role as "an executive position recognising the importance of sustainability across all aspects of the company's operation and increased focus the airline is placing on addressing its environmental impact".

Air NZ CEO Greg Foran has said sustainability is "the biggest issue facing the airline's future".

Hannifin is moving to Air NZ from Countdown, where she has worked for seven years, most recently in a role that included being in charge of sustainability. There she is said to have spearheaded the company's programme to reduce emissions.

"As we rebuild Air NZ, we need to advance the extensive work already undertaken to become a truly sustainable airline," said Foran. 

"Kiri's experience in driving change across the supply chain, engaging customers via tangible measures such as removing plastic bags from stores and diverting food waste from landfill will help our efforts move to a new level."

Foran said the Chief Sustainability Officer is intended to be "a leader who will be a passionate public advocate for the changes all stakeholders need to make to deliver real change".

Hannifin will start with Air NZ on December 5.