Mid-flight scare for star footballer Neymar on private jet

The incident happened at 41,000 feet.
The incident happened at 41,000 feet. Photo credit: Getty Images

Football star Neymar was involved in a mid-flight scare on Wednesday, when his private jet declared an emergency near the Amazon Rainforest in South America.

The multi-millionaire was flying in his Cessna 680 Citation jet from Barbados to Brazil when an emergency forced the crew to divert to the relatively small airport in Boa Vista, in the Brazilian state of Roraima.

The aircraft, which cost the star US$5 million, was cruising at 41,000 feet, but dropped down to 10,000 feet as it flew over Guyana.

Mid-flight scare for star footballer Neymar on private jet
Photo credit: FlightRadar24.com

Aircraft with cabin pressure issues often drop to 10,000 feet or below where air pressure is suitable for humans to breathe.

A statement from Neymar’s management confirmed there was an issue during the flight.

"Due to a small problem in the windshield wiper of NR Sports' company plane, where the athlete Neymar Jr., his sister Rafaella and Bruna Biancardi were flying, the pilot decided, as a precaution, to land early at the city of Boa Vista, in Roaraima (Brazil), until the windshield problem can be resolved. We inform you that all passengers are fine, waiting to resume their flight," a translation of the statement posted online said.

The football star took selfies while his plane was on the ground being repaired in Boa Vista.

Neymar himself posted an Instagram story "passing by to thank you for the messages" he had been sent by fans when news of the incident first broke.

"It's alright! We're all fine, we're going home. It was just a scare, it's general well here. Kiss," he posted.