Tourism New Zealand launches global 'If You Seek' campaign to attract 'high-quality' travellers

Tourism New Zealand launches global campaign to attract 'high-quality' travellers.
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Tourism New Zealand is hoping to pique the interest of curious travellers in its first global campaign in two years.

'If You Seek' teases audiences with snippets of destination and activities from well known locations like Hooker Valley near Aoraki Mt Cook and Hell's Gate in the North Island to those less recognisable.

The campaign includes short films, content to educate travel sellers and a domestic marketing campaign.

Tourism New Zealand chief executive René de Monchy said there was intense international competition to attract visitors.

"Because of our size and location New Zealand will have to work hard to encourage visitation post-Covid-19 with international visitor numbers taking years to build up and Kiwis now having the option of travelling overseas," de Monchy said.

"The work includes sneak-peeks of some well-known destinations as well as places and experiences that aren't as recognisable in our key markets.

"We wanted to tap into the curiosity of our target high-quality traveller, who we know are adventurous and keen to dig beneath the surface of the places they visit whether on the beaten path or not."

The aim was to reach high-quality visitors who TNZ believed would explore more deeply, spend more and engage with our culture and environment respectfully, he said.

In a recent speech to the Tourism Export Council NZ conference, Tourism Minister Stuart Nash said the country would not seek to attract or market towards budget visitors who 'travel around our country on $10 a day eating two-minute noodles'.

But he said Aotearoa would still roll out the welcome mat for all tourists.

De Monchy said Tourism New Zealand's research showed that visitors who saw their work spent more and travelled more widely around the country.

It also showed that around two thirds of New Zealanders intended to take a domestic holiday in the coming year, and 42 percent were motivated to visit a place they hadn't before on their upcoming travels.

'If You Seek' is being launched in New Zealand, Australia, USA, China, UK, Singapore, Japan, Germany, India, Korea and Canada.