Why you shouldn't travel with a black suitcase

  • 05/08/2022

International travel may be back but it's not without major issues.

Baggage is going missing in Europe, with media outlets calling it a "global lost luggage crisis". 

And there is one colour of suitcases that adds fuel to the fire.

German holidaymakers are being advised to ditch black suitcases and opt for more eye-catching colours to help with the baggage handling chaos.

The head of Frankfurt airport Stefan Schulte told The Guardian the predominance of black suitcases has contributed to difficulties by airlines because it was "hard to distinguish them from each other".

It is estimated that there are about 2000 stranded cases at Frankfurt airport. 

Luggage.co.nz co-founder Elliot Hall said colours are the way to go to help reduce the risk of losing their luggage at the airport.

"I do think that colours are the way to go if you want to spot your bag on the carousel, but if you are adamant that you want to go black there are a few options that you can do to recognise your case amongst the sea of black that tends to come out through the conveyor belt," he told Ryan Bridge on AM.

While there is the classic ribbon around the suitcase's handle, Hall said a really good option for people to find their baggage is a luggage strap.

He said there are multicoloured luggage straps that clip around your suitcase which also have the added bonus of providing an extra layer to secure your suitcase together.

Hall also said a really colourful name tag is another option that serves two purposes by having your name and address on it as well.

Hall said after a hard couple of years, once international travel opened up there was a "crazy" surge of people wanting suitcases.

"I don't think anyone in the industry was prepared for what was coming. It just flew out of the door."