Payroll company Deel offers 'Social Media Nomad' role that would pay you to travel NZ, Aussie

Would you like to be paid to be a travel influencer, or 'Social Media Nomad'?
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Kiwis are being offered the chance to score what could for some be the ultimate dream job - being paid to tour the travel hotspots of Aotearoa and Australia in a fully furnished van, creating content as they go.

The 'Social Media Nomad' role offers NZ$5000 per month for a six-month contractor position, as well as additional funds for food, health and wellness, petrol, parking and other expenses. 

The successful applicant must have a few years of experience as a social media manager, influencer or brand ambassador and will be tasked with 'regularly' creating and uploading content as well as organising and conducting interviews with other remote workers.

The job is being advertised by Deel, a US payroll company that provides recruitment and payment services for businesses hiring international workers.

"This role would be perfect for someone ready to unplug from their routine and embark on a journey across our marvellous natural landscapes, diverse city life and unique cultures. If I had better camera skills, I'd be packing my bag!" said Shannon Karaka, Deel's ANZ country leader and head of expansion.

The 'Deel Mobeel'.
The 'Deel Mobeel'. Photo credit: supplied

Deel launched in New Zealand today, describing its service as offering "global teams all the tools they need to hire, onboard, manage, pay, and scale at full speed". And it'll be full speed ahead for the nomad they hire, who will be travelling Australasia in the fully furnished 'Deel Mobeel'.

Karaka added: "We want to help businesses hire the best talent in the world, as talent is everyone but opportunity is not. Previously people had to physically move to access great job opportunities, but that's all changing with global hiring. 

"Now talent can live and work anywhere and this is what we would like to highlight with our new role."

Applications for the role are now open online via the Deel website.