Wheelchair user forced to drag herself to plane toilet after staff refuse to help

Jennie Berry had to drag herself down the aisle of a plane to use the toilet
Jennie Berry had to drag herself down the aisle of a plane to use the toilet Photo credit: TikTok// Wheeliegoodlife

A wheelchair user from London is outraged after staff on a recent flight refused to help her, even though she was disabled.

Jennie Berry was travelling from the UK to Greece when her flight was transferred from TUI UK to Alba Star Airlines.

Berry, who is paralysed from the waist down, always uses an aisle chair on planes instead of a wheelchair to move around but on the Alba Star flight, she wasn't given the option. 

The London woman said when she arrived at Newcastle International Airport (NEWC), the staff didn't know to help her get onto the plane.

"Upon arrival at NEWC airport, staff told me there was no possibility of sitting anywhere near the front of the plane for ease getting on and off as a disabled person needing to use an aisle chair," she wrote on her Instagram.

When she was finally on the plane, Berry said Newcastle airport assistance staff were told by Alba Star Airlines staff to help get her seated in the middle of the plane. 

"They wouldn't let me sit anywhere near the front of the plane even though there were spare seats," Berry said.

Berry shared footage of her experience on Tik Tok revealing staff even refused to help her get to the toilet. 

"When I asked if I could go to the toilet they said no and they wouldn't help."

Berry then had to drag herself down the aisle to try and get to the toilet as the staff were "huffing and puffing," insinuating she was holding them up as they tried to move the drinks cart through the aisle.

"One staff member quite rudely told me disabled people should just wear nappies," Berry said in the TikTok video. 

Berry said her partner filmed her experience because disabled people aren't believed.

"Without video footage like this, disabled people simply aren’t believed."

She said life as a disabled person can sometimes be degrading but the staff on her flight were something else.

"To be outright told to my face that I should wear a nappy when I don’t need to and that they are happy with that policy, made me feel humiliated."