Bali reveals new campaign to crack down on tourists' bad behaviour

Officials in Bali are fed up with tourist behaviour and are taking action to remind visitors to behave appropriately in the popular destination spot.

In recent years tourists have gained a reputation for not respecting the cultural customs of the province and Balinese officials believe more needs to be done.

They have started a campaign to install billboards across popular party spots on the island, including Kuta, Seminyak, Leigan ad Canggu. These will also be in place in popular resort destinations.

The goal of the campaign is to remind those visiting of the appropriate clothing and behaviour expected in order to respect the customs of the area.

Bali Tourism Board Chairman Ida Bagus Agung Partha Adnyana says the image of Bali as a place to let loose and ignore the rules needs to be stamped out.

"The point is that tourists respect Balinese cultural customs by dressing well, neatly and following in an orderly manner in carrying out traffic activities and not doing things that are outside the provisions," Adnyana said, as reported by The Bali Sun.

The campaign is currently awaiting public feedback but if agreed will see 10 billboards installed across the region offering instructions in English around appropriate behaviour.

Adnyana also shared that the government would work with international social media influencers, content creators and tourism stakeholders to publicise the strategy.

This comes days after the government confirmed a taskforce to crack down on tourists breaching visas by illegally working on the island as well as the controversial ban last year on unmarried couples living together and extramarital sex.