Three people make history flying to space on Virgin Galactic tourism flight

A mother, her teenage daughter and an 80-year-old British man have made history by blasting up into space, on board Virgin Galactic's very first space tourism flight. 

The VSS Unity lifted off from New Mexico for its sub-orbital flight, giving the six people on board a view that was out of this world.

As far as summer holidays go, this really is one to boast about on Instagram. Half a million dollars for a seat on this flight, with the destination being space.

At 50,000 feet the rocket ignited, carrying Virgin Galactic’s first space tourists on a trip of a lifetime. 

They were treated to a view few in human history have seen with their own eye.

For John Goodwin, it was particularly surreal. 

Space tourist John Goodwin spoke of his adventure of a lifetime travelling into space.
Space tourist John Goodwin spoke of his adventure of a lifetime travelling into space. Photo credit: Newshub

The 80-year-old space tourist, a former Olympic canoeist, bought his ticket back in 2005, but in 2011 he thought his space travel dream was grounded.

"When I got diagnosed with Parkinson's I thought that's it, they're not going to accept me anymore. Now I'm one of three of the first commercial trips to go into space, just shows you this attitude of space for all," Goodwin said.

At his home in Staffordshire, his Parkinson's support group was watching the historic live-stream video with pride.

"It was without a doubt the most exciting day of my life," he said.

The other two seats were occupied by 18-year-old Ana, the youngest person ever in space, and her mother Keisha Mayers, who won their tickets in a competition.

"It was really the best ride ever, and you could say I would do this again and I would love to do this again," Keisha said.

Astronauts for 90 minutes, just five minutes in orbit.

The company claims to already have a backlog of 800 others who want in on the out-of-this-world trip.