Sanders protesters blockade Democrat convention

Sanders protesters blockade Democrat convention

Bernie Sanders supporters have blockaded the media centre at the Democratic National Convention in protest.

The protesters say the media are part of a "rigged" system that saw Hillary Clinton get the nomination ahead of Sanders.

"We want to get our message through," said protester Robert Satiacum. "We feel you were ignoring us, so wanted to give you some of our own medicine."

The protest is a "sit-in", and many of the protesters have their mouths taped to imply that Democrat Party bosses are gagging their movement.

One protester told reporters the media "need to tell the story of the grassroots movement around this revolution" Mr Sanders had started.

"We believe the media has not responsibly done so to the extent that it needs to," the woman said.

She was not sure who'd locked the doors to the press centre.

"We come in peace, we come with the hope of cooperation, but we owe it and have a moral obligation and a moral responsibility to the grassroots of this country and the 13 million voters who wanted Bernie Sanders as President - that they wanted change; real change."

Earlier in the day, Ms Clinton officially got the nod from the Democratic Party, making her the first US woman from a major party to ever become the presidential nominee.