New flavour revealed for M&M's chocolate

New flavour revealed for M&M's chocolate

The M&M family is set to grow after the 75 year-old brand has announced a brand new flavour to tempt sweet-tooth chocolate lovers.

According to CNNMoney M&M Caramel is the newest addition to the chocolate range aside from popular favourites like crispy, smooth and nutty.

The new product has a soft caramel centre covered in chocolate milk which is expected to appeal to M&M's already popular following.

Vice President of research and development of Mars Chocolate, Hank Izzo, says caramel is something the company had been keen to work with.

"Caramel is extremely trendy, it's a $2.2 billion dollar flavour segment and the fastest growing segment in food right now," he says.

"We want to be part of this category."

The caramel M&M's are reported to be larger than normal size M&M's and were expensive and timely to develop.

"It was a big technological challenge for us," he says.

"We never before had an M&M with a true soft centre, so we had to figure out how to not make the chocolate too sticky or too soft that it could collapse."

However it's not all good news, the product won't be released until May 2017 in the United States, and no date has been set for when the caramel gooey goodness will be released in New Zealand.