Sydney axe attack: Chilling frenzy caught on camera

  • 09/01/2017

Warning: This video contains footage that may disturb some viewers.

New footage shows the chilling and graphic moment an axe-wielding woman attacks customers at a Sydney 7/11 convenience store.

The horrifying CCTV footage has emerged of 24-year-old Evie Amati walking into the convenience store with an axe, and attacks two customers early Saturday morning (local time).

In the video, Sharon Hacker is seen at the counter buying milk, oblivious to what is about to happen. Another customer, Ben Rimmer, joins the queue holding a pie.

The woman appears from the back, raises the axe and brings it down into the face of Mr Rimmer, who remains in a stable condition in hospital.

She then swings at the back of Ms Hacker's head and neck, who was only saved by her thick dreadlocks.

Amati, who's taking drugs for depression and gender reassignment, has appeared in court.

She's facing two charges including causing grievous bodily harm and is due to reappear in court this week.