CCTV of mystery man may help alleged Aussie drug mule Cassandra Sainsbury

A 22-year-old accused of attempting to smuggle drugs from Colombia to Australia may well have received a boost to her chances of being proved innocent after never-before-seen footage was obtained by police.

The video, filmed by CCTV cameras at a hotel the accused Cassandra Sainsbury was staying at a week before she was caught, allegedly shows the visit of a man who may be central to the case.

Sainsbury was stopped at El Dorado International Airport in Bogota on April 11, when she was discovered to be carrying 18 packages of cocaine disguised as headphones. The cumulative weight of the cocaine hidden in the packages was 5.8kg.

Sainsbury has previously claimed she was tricked into carrying the drugs in her bag, thinking they were genuine headphones she was going to gift to her family and friends.

The person who allegedly deceived her is a man called Angelo, Sainsbury claims - and proof he is responsible or even exists is pivotal to her legal team's successful defence of the charges brought against her.

Sainsbury's lawyers are believed to be hopeful the CCTV footage will result in police hunting the man down and questioning him about his visit to the accused's hotel room.

Meanwhile, reports suggest Sainsbury's family have signed an exclusive deal in Australia with Nine Network programme 60 Minutes to tell their story.

The contract is reported to be worth AU$1 million (NZ$1.08 million), which will be put towards Sainsbury's legal costs.

A crowdfunding campaign to fight for her freedom has so far raised AU$4230 (NZ$4550).