'Didn't even hurt', female road rage victim gloats after punch

Warning: This video contains graphic content which may disturb some people.

An Australian woman at the centre of a heated road rage incident in New South Wales has goaded the man who hit her online, saying his punch in the face "didn't even hurt".

The incident, which was filmed by Dwayne Pillidge and posted on Facebook, shows a male driver striking her in the mouth with a forceful jab at Lake Munmorah, in the Central Coast.

The man had got out of his car at the traffic lights to assault the unsuspecting woman, after she had allegedly tossed several items out of her window at his car.

Mr Pillidge took sides with the female driver, saying, "I don't care what your reason, it is not ok to hit a woman" - but it seems he was more perturbed by the incident than she was, based on a recent Facebook post.

Explaining what occurred, the woman wrote that she overtook him in her car, and once they ended up at a set of traffic lights he got out of his car, and she did too to speak to him.

"So I get out and he punched me in the mouth. Hit me right in the jaw," she said.

But she then took to mocking the man over the force of his punch, claiming she didn't experience any pain in the aftermath - though the video seems to disprove that, as she's seen clutching her face and leaning on her car.

"Hahaha doesn't hurt one bit. [You'll] wanna hope I never find you ... Still standing, didn't even hurt mate."

Police are currently investigating, and say an alternative angle of the incident has allowed them to identify the man's vehicle.

They have now called on the man to come forward so they can hear his version of events.