US man sues after son costs him $5m Lotto jackpot

US man sues after son costs him $5m Lotto jackpot
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A Californian man is suing after his son cost him a US$5 million jackpot in the lottery - because the boy wasn't old enough to buy a ticket.

The lottery commission denied Ward Thomas' win after finding out his 16-year-old son was the one to buy the ticket from a petrol station.

Mr Thomas said he sent his son out to buy the ticket and later validated it at a lottery office, but the prize was denied two months later.

He's now suing the commission and the gas station, claiming it didn't check his son's age or say that only adults could buy tickets, alleging negligence and a breach of contract.

The Lottery Commission was unable to comment when contacted by local media, due to the pending litigation.