Woman 'sick' after eating a raw burger from Maccas

McDonalds, Australia
McDonalds allegedly told her meat only had to be checked once in a 24 hour period. Photo credit: 7 News

A woman in Australia has been left with a raw taste in her mouth after eating a Quarter Pounder burger from a McDonald's restaurant in the Northern Territory that was served with the meat still pink.

Sherre Scheide says she took one bite of the burger before taking it back to the store where she was given chicken meals as replacements but no refund.

"I took all the burgers back and the manager came racing around the corner, shook my hand and said she'd speak to the staff members," she told The NT News.

"I didn't finish the chicken burgers because I was disgusted and feeling sick from the first burger.

"I said to the manger that I'd like someone from head office to contact me."

Someone from head office did, however Ms Scheide probably didn't expect their "carefree" attitude towards the incident and the admission that meat only had to be checked once in a 24-hour period, 7 News reports.

A McDonald's spokesperson responded by saying the food chain takes food safety seriously.

"The restaurant confirmed the issue was isolated and did not affect any other products," the spokesperson said. 

"We have also reinforced cooking procedures with this restaurant."

In the United States, an employee was fired after exposing the conditions of equipment that makes food in one restaurant in Louisiana.

The employee called Nick, surname unknown, rose to internet stardom in mid-July when he posted photos of the mould-covered ice-cream machine at LaPlace McDonald's, and later shared images of the frozen food and dirty floors.