Melania Trump thanks Chelsea Clinton for sticking up for Barron

  • 23/08/2017
Chelsea Clinton Barron Trump Reuters clothes clothing attire
Chelsea Clinton says Barron Trump deserves to be treated like a normal kid. Photo credit: Reuters

Chelsea Clinton has leapt to the defence of US President Donald Trump's son Barron, after an opinion piece panned the 11-year-old for not dressing better during public appearances.

In the editorial, published by far-right political website The Daily Caller, journalist Ford Springer said it's clear the preteen hasn't yet considered how he ought to dress, but he should.

The youngster avoided criticism for his outfit choice during the total solar eclipse - but that's likely more to do with his father's insistence on trying to look directly into the sun.

Mr Springer wrote that President Trump and First Lady Melania always depart the White House looking their best, and thus there should be the same pressure on their son.

"The President wore a fine tailored suit and Melania wore an elegant dress just as jaw-dropping as the last," he wrote.

"But then Barron steps out in a t-shirt, khaki shorts and some suede loafers.

"The youngest Trump doesn't have any responsibilities as the President's son, but the least he could do is dress the part when he steps out in public."

The op-ed drew censure from a huge number of social media users after Mr Springer posted it on Twitter - and even Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of President Trump's arch-enemy last year Hillary Clinton, has expressed outrage at the comments.

"It's high time the media and everyone leave Barron Trump alone and let him have the private childhood he deserves," she wrote in a tweet, linking to the opinion piece.

It's not the first time Ms Clinton came to the young Trump's defence, after she tweeted in the wake of tasteless tweets about his manner at his father's inauguration that he "deserves the chance every child does - to be a kid".

It's also not the first time a US President's children have been criticised over their attire; in 2014, a Republican aide was slammed after labelling Malia and Sasha Obama's outfits at a formal White House ceremony "classless".