Donald Trump retweets image of train hitting reporter

Trump Twitter train CNN Reuters cartoon
It's not the first time Trump has criticised CNN over Twitter. Photo credit: Reuters / Twitter

US President Donald Trump's social media activity has once more come under scrutiny after he retweeted an off-colour image of a person being hit by a train.

The cartoon labelled the vehicle the 'Trump Train' - the name given to the movement that brought the former business tycoon into power - and the person standing on the tracks as a representative of media outlet CNN.

At the top of the image, the original poster had written "nothing can stop the Trump Train".

The image is seen as particularly distasteful given the terror attack at a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville just days ago. That violent attack saw a car plough into a group of anti-rally protesters, killing one and injuring 19.

Mr Trump had already been accused of not coming down strongly enough on those involved in the rally, and the retweet - which is deemed by some as an endorsement of the original post - has seen him draw further criticism.

It's not the first time his Twitter activity has come under close examination; last month, he also used it as a tool to criticise CNN when he posted a doctored video of his infamous WWE wrestling match.

He has also used the social media platform to criticise members of his Cabinet and other countries, to block swathes of his detractors - including celebrity Chrissy Teigen - and to post a bizarre tweet featuring the made-up word 'covfefe'.