Kiwi in Texas caught in 'scary' hurricane Harvey flood

A Kiwi ex-pat living in Houston has voiced her concerns as Hurricane Harvey continues to pummel Texas.

Sarah Ayala is at home with her family, keeping a close eye on the rising waters outside - but the waist-deep water isn't her main concern - instead, what lurks underneath.

"The scary thing is, is we've got a lake which is being designed, it's across the road," she told to The AM Show.

"The lake is completely and utterly flooded… there are alligators and snakes which are now hanging out in our streets and just outside our house we've got thigh-deep water.

"It's full of things that we don't want to be playing with so we can't get out of the house."

Crews are continuing to rescue hundreds of residents with the rain expected to continue for another three days.

"There are six and a half million people and I don't think there's one person who isn't just a little bit worried about this," Ms Ayala says.

"Most of our neighbours have moved their possessions upstairs or at least the most precious things and are sleeping with their kids on the upper level.

"We're really lucky we're not wet inside… so far we seem to be okay. If we do need to leave we're as prepared as we can be."

Ms Ayala says the disaster is being out the "best of everybody".

"We're getting really good communication about what we should do and the neighbourhood is really coming together, everyone is checking in on each other checking that you've got enough food and water and that you're okay."