Kiwi 'vegan' Kole Olsen fined for drunken rampage after being denied McNuggets

A Kiwi man driven into a bizarre rampage after being denied McNuggets has pleaded guilty to drink driving.

Kole Olsen, who claims to be a vegan, entered a Sydney McDonald's branch on November 5th and asked for 200 McNuggets, only to be told they couldn't be ordered at breakfast time, Nine News reports.

"I want my f***ing nuggets," Olsen then yelled at staff, before circling back around the drive thru yelling abuse and honking his horn.

The 30-year-old eventually settled for 200 hash browns, which he received - but then again became abusive at the store manager, demanding a refund for 200 fries and Big Macs he never ordered.

"You are f***ing gay... I am going to f**k you all up," he said.

When police arrived at the scene Olsen told officers to "go and suck a c**k" before registering 0.175 on a breathalyser.

Seven News says the New Zealander, who has lived in Australia for seven years, has been convicted of drink driving, receiving a NZ$1100 fine.

He's also banned from driving for nine months, and has been placed on a one-year good behaviour bond.