Manus Island refugees say 57 without beds after violent eviction

Refugees who have been forcibly taken to new accommodation on Manus Island say at least 57 men still don't have beds or medical assistance.

The United Nations says it's deeply disturbed by the methods used to relocate detainees.

The local police moved in carrying steel poles, and detainees say they were hit with them.

Authorities insist violence wasn't used, but photos of the aftermath suggest otherwise.

"It is shocking to see this," says UN Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees spokesman Adrian Edwards. "It's also tragic that this should happen."

"Most of the men that have been moved from that detention centre - we have been bashed up like dogs," says Sudanese refugee Abdul Aziz Adam.

Mr Adam says despite Australia's assurances the new facilities are ready, dozens remain without a room.

"They just sleep on the road and some of them sleep in the prayer room... some in the classroom.

"The guys with the injuries, they are here now in front of me, but there is nothing. We are the only ones who are taking care of them - wrapping tissue around their wounds or cleaning with salt water."

"We have in one case a report of more than 20 people being put into a single room of just eight metres by four metres," says Mr Edwards.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has reiterated New Zealand's offer to take some refugees, but won't say much beyond that.

"The decision as to whether or not Australia takes up our offer to take 150 refugees continues to be a matter for Australia," she says.

"It's ultimately up to them. It's not an offer that's been taken off the table."

The United Nations' refugee agency has described the latest situation as "shocking and inexcusable".

But the Prime Minister is refusing to be further drawn into the matter, clearly not wanting to inflame what's already become an awkward political standoff with Australia. 

In Australia, one protest in support of the detainees turned ugly after an opponent grabbed the microphone.

"They're all rapists. Don't let them in," he said.

Police made several arrests.

"The only country that can take us out of this mess and the misery and the disaster that we are living in is New Zealand," says Mr Adam.