Penthouse releases steamy details of Donald Trump's alleged Stormy Daniels affair

Penthouse releases steamy details of Donald Trump's alleged Stormy Daniels affair
Photo credit: Reuters

Intimate details of President Trump's alleged 2006 affair with porn star Stormy Daniels has come to light in a new interview with Penthouse.

It sees Ms Daniels discuss Trump's hair, saying it was unkempt and "fluffed" around as they had sex in a Lake Tahoe hotel after meeting at a celebrity golf tournament.

"Yeah, that's real. Kind of like a drunk cockatoo," she said of President Trump's hair.

When asked if his male bits were small, she confirmed with a "yeah" but didn't go much further, adding "I don't want to shame anybody."

The interview was released alongside a six-page photo spread which featured Ms Daniels dressed in various America-themed regalia.

In January, Ms Daniels was thrust into the media spotlight when news broke that President Trump's personal lawyer had paid her $130,000 (NZ $184,000) before the 2016 election to keep quiet about the affair. 

President Trump has maintained he did now know where Mr Cohen got the money to pay Ms Daniels.

She is now suing President Trump for defamation, saying he lied by tweeting that her claim of being threatened if she discussed an alleged sexual encounter with him was a "total con job".

There has been much speculation about whether President Trump was aware of the payment, leading to concern about how his election campaign was funded. 

The Department of Justice has been investigating Mr Cohen, as it is possible he obtained a fraudulent credit line on his mortgage to get the cash. 

Despite denying the affair ever happened, Mr Trump has acknowledged the non-disclosure agreement and said the settlement was paid through a monthly retainer, not campaign money.