Police remove homeless people's sleeping bags around Windsor Castle

The darker side of the royal wedding is being revealed, as UK police start clearing homeless people from outside Windsor Castle.

Footage shows officers filling plastic bags with their possessions, including bedding and books, to be taken away until Monday (local time).

A police spokesperson told media the scheme was voluntary, and done as part of added security measures.

"A scheme has been set up for those who choose, to store their belongings at the Windsor Homeless Project during the Royal Wedding, and our officers have been assisting with transport of belongings. However this is entirely voluntary to ensure the safety of the homeless community," they say.

"The royal wedding is a national celebration and everyone is welcome. However everyone in Windsor on the day of the wedding will be subject to a search and screening.

"Anyone with large items that are deemed to be a security risk are likely to have those items removed."

Murphy James, who works with the Windsor Homeless Project, says taking the possessions away would prevent police coming from different areas throwing them out.

However, one homeless man who says he was forced to take away his possessions says it's part of the normal neglect they face.

"There was big speak on the TV about the homeless being helped, but when they said helped, they meant removed," he says.