Dog spends three days looking at wall, and no one knows why

  • 01/06/2018

A dog in Argentina has baffled locals by staring at a blue wall at a bus stop for three days straight.

The French mastiff-labrador cross, dubbed Chicho on social media, reportedly only takes short breaks, and attempts to distract him from his bizarre task are doomed to failure.

Videos of the dog's curious behaviour have been shared widely on social media, with viewers suggesting he might have Alzheimer's, be blind or on drugs.

Local news site Puntal spoke to a veterinarian who examined Chicho and found him perfectly healthy. He said the only logical explanation is that Chicho is waiting for someone - but why he does it staring straight into the wall, only inches away, remains a mystery.

"I tried to understand the phenomenon from psychology but I think it completely surpassed me," Crisitian Aedo, who shot a video of the dog and uploaded it to Facebook, told another local media outlet, ARN.

Chicho lives in General Roca in central Argentina.