Donald Trump, Kim Jong-un meeting: Anything could go wrong

In just a few hours US President Donald Trump will meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

Newshub presenter Tom McRae joined The AM Show on Tuesday from Singapore to discuss what we can expect.

"We understand they will meet one-on-one only with their respective translators for at least 45 minutes," he told host Duncan Garner.

"From there, all their advisors, all the senior diplomats come into the room and the discussions will widen - if they get to that point."

The North Koreans are expected to ask for security guarantees, including a pledge that the US and South Korea will not invade, and also ask for economic aid.

And senior US officials say at a minimum they would like the summit to serve as a start of a dialogue with North Korea.

However once in the room, anything could happen - and anything could go wrong.

"What happens from there is really up to Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un," McRae says

"These two leaders are pretty unpredictable."

Normally a summit of this importance will take years of preparation, with important matters negotiated beforehand. But it appears Mr Trump wants a more casual approach.

"It seems like Donald Trump wants to feel Kim Jong-un out, pick up on the vibes that are in the room, the attitude, the openness and willingness to see if Kim Jong-un is actually going to follow through," McRae says.

"The Americans have tried this before many times, and it's always stalled before it's got to this stage."

This offers a large reward for Mr Trump if he's able to negotiate a favourable deal. However he's been playing down expectations by saying the meeting could be over very quickly.

McRae says this is to deflect from any blame if something goes wrong.

"I think it's his out. I think if it does all go pear-shaped then he can say 'well I did tell you guys'," he says.

"He might be hedging his bets a little with that one."