Melbourne man's disgusting discovery inside KFC order

A Melbourne man found a safety pin and hair in his KFC order.
A Melbourne man found a safety pin and hair in his KFC order. Photo credit: Facebook/Jamie Allen

A Melbourne man's Sunday takeaway was ruined when he discovered something horrifying in his food.

In a post to KFC's official Facebook page, Jamie Allen said he ordered a Zinger box from a franchise store in Cranbourne on June 17 (local time).

To his disgust, nestled among his fried chicken, burger, fries and soft drink was a safety pin with human hair clinging to it.

"I'm a long time eater, first time complainer," he wrote.

"I enjoy your Zinger box on a Sunday when I'm under the weather. But today after paying a visit to your Cranbourne store I have a question to ask.

"Are two of your secret herbs and spices safety pins and hair?"

He added that he was "not really impressed" with the bonus item in his order.

To add insult to injury, the store had forgotten his potatoes and gravy.

KFC replied to the post, asking that Mr Allen send them a private message with the details of his order. The fast food chain said that they "take these matters seriously".

Other commenters discussed their own negative experiences with the Cranbourne outlet. One person claimed they had been given a raw bucket of chicken, while another said they had become ill after eating undercooked meat.

However others said they'd only ever had good service from the store, with one person joking that Mr Allen should "[not] complain and eat what you're given".