Milo Yiannopoulos, Ann Coulter headed to Australia despite outstanding $50,000 bill

  • 18/08/2018

Milo Yiannopoulos is headed back to Australia, almost a year after he was slapped with a AU$50,000 bill for riots that took place outside venues on his last tour of the country.

Yiannopoulos is planning seven shows alongside conservative Ann Coulter beginning in late November, reports.

Supporters from the right and protesters on the left caused problems in Melbourne during his last tour, violently clashing and forcing police to get involved.

Police billed Yiannopoulos and organisers AU$50,000 for the incident as they were involved in the running of the event.

"I remember at the time people said, 'Why are we charging for protests because he's got a different view?'" Police Minister Lisa Neville told 3AW in July.

"That is not the case. Any commercial activity, we ask for a contribution from those commercial providers where police are required."

But he's yet to pay the bill and now legal action is being considered.

"He was presented with a bill and he hasn't yet paid it. I know there [are] discussions going on at the moment with... our government solicitors," Ms Neville said.

Yiannopoulos, born in the UK and now based in the US, is a notorious, self-described troll who has courted controversy by defending paedophilia, and promoting racist and misogynistic views.

During his last Australian tour, he ridiculed Indigenous Australians as "losers of history", said anyone in the country who identifies as Muslim should be sent to the Middle East and made crude, offensive remarks about feminist writer Clementine Ford.

Yiannopoulos and Coulter are headed to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Promoters say the shows will feature a range of guests from Australia and Britain.

Their visit comes after far-right speakers Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern toured Australia and New Zealand. Australian police billed them AU$67,000 after riots broke out in Melbourne.