53-year-old US woman calls cops on child to accuse him of sexual assault

A 53-year-old US woman has caused outrage after calling the cops on a young boy, accusing him of sexual assault.

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the child, reportedly aged nine, accidently brush past the woman in a convenience store in Brooklyn.

Following the incident she is seen calling the police on the little boy, saying he groped her butt, and dodging comments from onlookers that her over-reaction was race-related.

Whilst she is being filmed the child is crying hysterically to his mother. One spectator can be heard saying "she's calling the cops on a black kid, she needs to go home".

In the video she comments: "White lady calls the cops on a black lady, I get it."

Another onlooker comments, "Why would he want to touch your flat ass?"

As crowds grow, a woman tries to confront her but "Cornerstore Caroline" - as one bystander calls her - comments that because she too is white, the woman is in no place to criticise her behaviour.

The woman has been named in US media as Teresa Sue Klein. Some critics of her actions posted her phone number on the internet after she recited it to the police on the call.

The video, which has more than 3 million views, ends with her stating that the child assaulted a police officer - but has no evidence to prove that she is in fact a police officer. 

The person who shot the film claimed the boy was falsely accused, the New York Post reported.