'Stupidity in the extreme': Baseball bat used in Aussie road rage attack

  • 02/10/2018

Western Australia's Police Minister has branded a car passenger's use of a baseball bat while travelling at high speed on a highway south of Perth "one of the most extreme cases of road rage I've seen".

In footage captured by the driver of the chasing vehicle, a passenger can be seen leaning out the window with the bat while pursuing another motorist.

Once the car speeds up enough to get close to the car it is chasing, the passenger then slams the bat into the other driver's window, smashing it into pieces.

What caused the altercation wasn't caught on camera, but some expletive-laden shouts hint that the car in pursuit was nearly driven off the highway.

"Try ram me off the f**king road," he exclaims. "Gonna ram my car, pull over, pull the f**k over."

Western Australia's Police Minister Michelle Roberts says the astonishing video shows one of the worst road rage incidents she'd ever witnessed.

"I'm totally disgusted by that video," she said. "It's one of the most extreme cases of road rage I've seen. It's stupidity in the extreme."

Local police are now investigating the incident.


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