Watch: Paraglider breaks man's leg in high-speed crash landing in Saudi Arabia

  • 25/11/2018

Incredible footage has captured the moment a paraglider came hurtling towards a group of men in Saudi Arabia, causing a terrifying crash that broke an onlooker's leg.

The clip, which was filmed on the banks of the Wadi al-Rummah River in the province of Al-Qassim, shows the paraglider falling at pace towards the ground.

He attempts to create some forward momentum to soften his landing, but instead ends up narrowly missing a 4WD and careening into a person watching on.

As he plummets, other onlookers are seen frantically ducking for cover and running away - and even the person filming is clearly shaken by what is happening in front of him.

The local Red Cross reports that the crash took place at 4:15pm on Wednesday (local time).

The collision left a bystander with a broken leg and a number of other minor injuries. He was taken to hospital to receive treatment, authorities told local media.