'Shattered heart': Heartbreak over young Australian dad's 'accidental' death in Bali

'Shattered heart': Heartbreak over young Australian dad's 'accidental' death in Bali
Photo credit: Beth Parker / GoFundMe

A young Australian family is having to crowdfund the cost of bringing a beloved father back home from Bali.

Chris Taylor died on December 27 while holidaying on the popular Indonesian island with his partner Ebony and their two young sons.

No details about his death have been released, but it's understood to have been an accident.

Beth Parker, a friend of Mr Taylor, set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to bring his body back to Perth.

"It's with a shattered heart that we have to make this post," the page reads. "Chris Taylor tragically and unfairly passed away in Bali on 27 December."

The rest of the family is still in Bali, and have been joined by Ebony's parents.

"Unfortunately, their travel insurance won't adequately cover accidental death or repatriation," the GoFundMe page says.

The campaign has raised more than AU$27,800 (NZ$29,000) in the day since it began, with more than 200 people pitching in to help the young family struck by tragedy.

Many know the family personally, and have shared their heartwarming memories of the late Mr Taylor on the page.

In a bizarre twist, Mr Taylor was the second Perth man to die in Bali in the space of two days, after a 69-year-old man drowned at a beach just hours after he arrived for his own family holiday.