UK bank robbed because staff didn't want to offend man in balaclava

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A masked man robbed a bank in England because the manager didn't feel comfortable asking him to take his mask off.

Simon Jones entered a Natwest branch in Country Durham in May wearing a facemask, a hoodie, dark glasses and latex gloves. He was carrying a large bag, and a bottle of air freshener. 

He then waited in line for 15 minutes without being apprehended, according to The Telegraph.

Manager Gemma Hughes told Durham Court she didn't question Mr Jones because she was worried he may have a skin condition, and didn't want to offend him.

Once Mr Jones reached the front of the queue, he told the cashier he had acid and a bomb, and forced her to place £370 (NZ$685) into the bag he was carrying.

Ms Hughes tried to hand over a decoy bundle of cash, which contained a tracking device, but it failed to work.

Mr Jones escaped, but members of the public were able to identify Mr Jones's car, which lead to his arrest, reports the Telegraph.

He has admitted to the robbery, and will be jailed for 40 months.



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