Vladimir Putin tells Russian government to 'take charge' of rap music

Vladimir Putin tells Russian government to 'take charge' of rap music
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Russian President Vladimir Putin has asked the government to "take charge" of rap music after concerts were cancelled throughout the country.

He says that efforts to ban rap are "impossible", so the next best thing is that the state plays a greater role in controlling it, reports the BBC.

His comments follow on from Russian rapper Husky being arrested, and several of his concerts being cancelled.

Husky is known for lyrics about poverty, corruption and police brutality. Authorities in Krasnodar cancelled Husky's planned concert, citing his "extremism" as the reason.

Husky was soon after jailed for 12 days, for performing for his fans from the roof of a car.

President Putin spoke at a meeting of the presidential council for the Culture and Art in St Petersburg on Saturday, saying that "rap and other modern [forms of art] are rested upon three pillars: sex, drugs and protest".

He says he is "most worried about drugs", saying it's "the way towards the degradation of a nation".

President Putin is also concerned about vulgar language, and has spoken to a linguist about its place in rap music.

According to the BBC, he was told that swearing is "a part of our language". However, he still does not agree with it, saying that "we have all sorts of body parts and it's not like we put them on display all the time".

Despite his desire to control rap, he thinks that the issue must be approached "with great caution". 

"However, what I really agree with is that if it's impossible to stop it, it should be taken over and navigated in a particular way."


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