Australia's 'loosest teen' crashes girlfriend's car in shirtless video

Townsville teenager Caleb Camp has become an iconic face of Australia after the learner driver attempted to flee from the scene of a car crash.

Apparently suffering a T-shirt shortage, Camp and his mates were filmed by 7 News in the aftermath. Footage of Camp, who's been described as Aussie's "loosest teen", has now gone viral.

"I was only driving slow, but yeah, put me foot down a bit and then, yeah, I turned. But I didn't see a car coming 'round here and yeah, seen them once I turned. Boom, collided," he told 7 News' Ben Downie.

"And then yeah, legged it 'cause I was shit scared."

But his escape was short-lived when bystanders gave chase and hunted him down.

"They chased me down, started having a go at me for legging it," he explained. "And I was like, 'Nah, I'll come back, yeah, too easy.'"

He's been widely mocked for his appearance and actions, with multiple comparisons to iconic The Simpsons' character Cletus Spuckler.

"That boy's the perfect example of why you should never start a family with your sister," one commenter wrote.

"A fine example of what the chromosomes look like at the bottom of the human gene pool," another said.

Police say Camp was driving an unregistered car and uninsured car without the right licence. He'll also face a charge over his driving.

But there's worse news for the unfortunate Camp - he was driving his girlfriend's car.

"She gonna see this on the news for sure," he giggled. "She ain't gonna like it."

Camp and co were last seen beating the vehicle with pieces of wood before attempting to push it home.


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