Australian mother caught driving with child on car roof

  • 07/01/2019

An Australian mother faces court after she was filmed driving with her young child riding on the roof rack of a car in Perth.

Witnesses say at times the car was doing nearly 100km/h - and drove for more than 15 minutes.

Security footage shown in the video above shows the four-year-old, wearing only a nappy, clinging to the top of the car as his mum drove on the Tonkin Highway.

It's believed she was unaware her child was on the roof until other drivers alerted her to the dangerous situation.

"Other motorists managed to get the attention of the driver who stopped and placed the child in the car before driving away," a police spokesman told

Police were called and found the vehicle driving into a petrol station.

"Police observed three children in the car, two secured in child restraint seats however it will be alleged that a four-year-old boy was unrestrained," police say.

A 36-year-old woman has been charged with dangerous driving and will be summonsed to appear in court on a later date.