Dangerous chemicals inside French disposable nappies - study

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France's national health agency has found dangerous chemicals in babies' nappies. 

Some of the substances found are above safe levels, and are potentially dangerous to human health, reports BBC.

Controversial weed killer glyphosate was found at lower levels. Glyphosate is a commonly used herbicide, classified as "probably carcinogenic" by a World Health Organisation study.

The study by Anses tested a number of disposable nappies by various brands. The brands were not named, but BBC reports some of them are sold in other countries.

Under "realistic use" conditions, the study "detected a number of hazardous chemicals in disposable diapers that could migrate through urine for example, and enter into prolonged contact with babies' skin".

Some chemicals were added intentionally, such as perfumes that could irritate babies' skin. Others were introduced, likely from contaminated materials, or as part of the manufacturing process plan, reports BBC.

France's Health Minister Agnes Buzyn said there is "no serious or immediate" risk to babies' health. 

However, a joint statement from France's health, finance and environment ministers has told nappy manufacturers they have 15 days to figure out how they are going to rid their products of the toxic substances.

Ms Buzyn said the government would allow for a delay of up to six months, so the companies could change their production methods.