Donald Trump's tan result of 'good genes' says senior administration official

Donald Trump with his signature glow
Donald Trump with his signature glow Photo credit: Getty

President Donald Trump's signature orange glow has been attributed to "good genes" by a senior administration official at the White House.

The official, who agreed to speak to the New York Times if they remained anonymous, said Mr Trump's tangerine tinge was all natural - except for a little bit of powder dabbed on by the president himself before television appearances.

However, the official was quick to clarify Mr Trump's preferred powder was translucent, no bronzing in sight.

There has long since been speculation about whether the sun-kissed president uses tanning beds, or fake tan, reports The New York Times.

 According to former FBI director James B. Comey, tell-tale white marks around Mr Trump's eyeballs whisper of protective goggles to stop the ultra-violet light of tanning bulb blinding him.

But no such tanning bed has ever been spotted in the White House. Despite its reclusive reputation, Omarosa Manigault Newman, a former aide of the president alleged an usher was fired for mishandling the precious bed.

Another theory behind Mr Trump's peculiar colouring is self-tanning lotion. Dr Tina Alster, a top dermatologist has treated officials in the White House suggested he may rub the lotion on his skin.

"He looks more orangey than he does tan" she told The New York Times. Like Mr Comey, she also mentioned the white circles under the presidents' eyes.

The more-orange-than-tan, and the white eyes are both telltale sign of outside forces, but no solid proof has ever been found.

With no tanning bed in sight, and no concrete proof of any creams or lotions, we are left with only the word of an anonymous senior administration official, who says there's nothing but good genetics to blame.



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