Australian police officer allegedly punched 15yo in the head at pro-cannabis rally after the teen spat on her

A police officer has been filmed allegedly punching a teenager in the head during an arrest at a pro cannabis rally in Melbourne.

Footage shows the 15-year-old girl being led away by police during the Melbourne 420 Rally on Saturday. 

It's alleged the girl spat in the face of the female officer, who then punches her in the head.

Video of the event posted to Facebook by a friend of the girl says the arrested teen is facing charges of assault.

'No matter what she did spitting on her a grown woman has physically punched a 15 year old in the face!" wrote the friend.

"No one can sit there an tell me she did wrong now even tho she did spit she has hooked her in the face!"  (sic).

Comments on the post are conflicted regarding the girls behavior, with some outraged at the officer's behavior, and others saying the teen got what she deserved.

"Perhaps leave the feral s who spit at people at home next time," wrote one commenter.

"It's a pretty shitty look for the community, we're trying to show that cannabis users are ordinary people; not feral little shits."

"That's f***ing bullshit," wrote another in support of the girl.

"For f****ing spitting she didn't deserve to be punched."

A spokesperson for Victoria Police told The Age police had not received a complaint about the officer and would only investigate if one was received.

The teenaged girl is being charged with possessing and trafficking drugs, and assaulting an officer, reports The Age.

She is scheduled to face the Children's Court at a later date.



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