Bangladesh teen dies after being lit on fire at school for reporting sexual assault

A woman wearing a red head scarf.
Nusrat Jahan Rafi. Photo credit: Supplied/Handout

A 19-year-old woman in Bangladesh has died after being set on fire at her school.

Nusrat Jahan Rafi was attacked in the town of Feni in retaliation for reporting an alleged sexual assault, reports.

Nusrat told police her school's principal called her into his office on March 27 and repeatedly touched her in an inappropriate manner.

Footage of her statement was leaked to social media, showing her hiding her face in her hands as police assure her it's not a big deal.

The decision to go to the police stoked anger in Bangladesh, especially after the headmaster was arrested. Protesters, including some politicians, gathered in in the streets demanding his release.

He is still in custody.

There were concerns for Nusrat's safety as her exams loomed. Her brother tried to attend the exams with her on April 6, but he told the BBC he was refused entry to the school's premises.

"If I hadn't been stopped, something like this wouldn't have happened to my sister," he said.

Nusrat managed to give a police statement before she died, claiming she was taken to the roof of the school by a fellow student who claimed her friend was being beaten.

Once she got there she was surrounded by four or five people who allegedly demanded she withdraw the case against her headmaster.

She refused and they lit her on fire. Doctors say burns covered 80 percent of her body when she arrived at hospital.

She managed to record a short message on her brother's phone before she died, saying she was sure the headmaster touched her and she would fight until her last breath.

Fifteen people have been arrested after the attack, seven of them allegedly involved in the murder.



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