'Putin's bitch': Donald Trump's Hollywood Walk of Fame star vandalised again

The star, with spray paint on top and the words "Putin's Bitch".
The vandalism. Photo credit: Twitter/Hollywookiee

Donald Trump's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has been vandalised again, this time with the words "Putin's bitch".

Pictures of the damaged star appeared on social media on April 24 (local time), with photos showing the star blacked out and the message scrawled on top in white spray paint.

Trump has been accused by opponents of being under the influence of Russian President Vladimir Putin, and recently faced a two-year investigation over whether his 2016 campaign team colluded with Russia.

The investigation, led by Robert Mueller, concluded there was not enough evidence to prosecute.

Vandals have in the past smashed the star with a pickaxe, spray painted swastikas on it and covered it in fake blood.

The Los Angeles City Council has voted to remove the star due to the US President's actions in office, but the decision on whether the star stays or goes lies with the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce.

Austin Clay, 24, was charged with one felony count of vandalism for destroying the star with a pickaxe in July 2018.

"When I look at the lineage of presidents, I don't think anything about his rhetoric is presidential," Clay said.

"There was urgency behind my actions. I feel like I've been called to do what I did."