Vegan protestors cause gridlock throughout Melbourne as they block busy intersection

Animal rights protestors ground Melbourne to a halt after they blocked off a major intersection.

Police attended the protest at the Australian city's busy Flinders St and Swanston St intersection, where protestors held signs emblazoned with slogans such as "This is a peaceful protest" and "SOS animal emergency climate".

Thirty-eight people were arrested on charges relating to obstruction of a roadway and resisting police.

Protestors were commemorating the first anniversary of the documentary Dominion, which used hidden cameras and drones to investigate animal agriculture.

Vans advertising the web address of a vegan documentary were parked in the middle of the intersections, reports 7 News.

Some protestors had chained themselves to this vehicle.

Trams were stopped or diverted, and it was described as "quite the headache" by Public Transport Victoria spokesperson Georgia Main.

In Queensland, around 120 protestors gathered at an abattoir. Eighteen people entered the abattoir and chained themselves to the equipment.

Three sheep were surrendered and the activists left peacefully, reports the Brisbane Times.