'Cowardly activist' throws egg at Scott Morrison, shell doesn't break

Scott Morrison is the latest Australian politician to fall victim to an egging - except in his case, the shell didn't even crack.

Less than two weeks out from the general election on May 18, the Prime Minister was campaigning at the Country Women's Association in Albury on Tuesday morning (local time).

As he chatted with a group of elderly women, a young woman stepped up behind him and launched an egg right at his skull from point blank range.

Luckily for Morrison, the poultry projectile bounced right off the top of his head and landed on the floor where it was later found whole and unbroken.

Video of the incident shows the 50-year-old rubbing his head and looking bemused. His security team immediately descended on the woman, forcing her to the ground.

She was seen walking away from the venue holding a six-pack of eggs. It's unknown if she retrieved the unbroken egg after it made contact with Morrison's skull. 

The woman, whose identity is still unknown, refused to answer questions from reporters but said she was protesting the Australian government's policy on asylum seekers.

The New South Wales Police later said a 25-year-old woman had been arrested in relation to the would-be egging.

Morrison himself tweeted about the incident, calling it "thuggery" from "cowardly activists". He said an older woman had been knocked to the ground in the scuffle.

It's become something of a trend for protesters to hurl food items at political figures. In March a teenage boy became an international celebrity after he egged notoriously racist Senator Fraser Anning.

In the UK last week, far-right activist Tommy Robinson was hit with two different milkshakes in the span of two days.

In a somewhat less appetising protest, AAP reports a hollowed-out book was left outside Tony Abbott's Sydney electorate office on Tuesday. When police investigated further, they found someone had defecated inside it.