Incredible meteor shower caught on police CCTV in Australia

A CCTV image of a street at night. A bright blue-green light can be seen in the uper section of the image
The meteor shower lit up the sky Photo credit: Facebook/NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services - Alice Springs and Southern

The moment a bright green "fireball" shot across the sky in Australia has been captured on CCTV.

Northern Territory Police and Emergency Services posted footage of the meteor to their Facebook page on Monday, saying they had received calls from members of the public about the event.

"Police received reports of a large 'fireball' flying across the sky between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek just after midnight."

In the video, a bright light shoots across the sky, illuminating the surrounding area with flashes of blue-green lightning.

Impressive as the footage is, it wasn't a fireball, but rather a meteor shower.

"Turns out, Earth is currently moving through the tail of Halley's Comet and it was a meteor shower," police posted.

Comments on the post from people who witnessed the meteor said it sounded like thunder.

"It was three loud booms," wrote one woman.

"Didn't see light/lights though"

One woman said the meteor shook her windows "like an earth tremor".

According to NASA, around 30 visible meteor showers occur each year. They are comprised of bits of rock and ice ejected from comets as they move in orbit around the sun. 



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